September 7, 2016

3rd Annual Glam Awards


The Third Annual GLAM AWARDS December 2nd 1999 at Life Hosted by Jackie Beat


Entertainer of the Year: Jackie Beat Justin Bond Kevin Aviance Lady Bunny Mona Foot Best Production: Faggot Feud (Blu) The Final Episode (Linda Simpson) Have Another (Kiki & Herb) Jackie Beat at Fez Wigstock ’99 Best Performance: Candis Cayne (Wigstock ’99) Girlina (Wigstock ’99) Jackie Beat (Fez) Shasta Cola (Wigstock) Best Host: Cashetta Jackie Beat Jesse Volt Mistress Formika Mona Foot Best DJ: Girlina Honey Dijon Lady Bunny Miss Guy Relentless Best Vocalist: Jackie Beat Joey Arias Raven O Sade Pendarvis Shequida Best Dance Performer: Candis Cayne Edie Girlina Paulina Shasta Cola Best Lip-Sync Artist: Candis Cayne Mona Foot Paulina Shasta Cola Sweetie Best Comedy Performer: Flotilla DeBarge Harmonica Sunbeam Hedda Lettuce Jackie Beat Justin Bond Best Duo or Group: Cookie & Cashetta Joey Arias, Raven O & Sherry Vine Kiki & Herb Best Dressed: Candis Cayne Girlina Joey Arias Shequida Sherry Vine Best Television Performer: Brini Maxwell Cherry Jubilee Cookie Hedda Lettuce Best Writer: Bambi Sue Brickowsky Hedda Lettuce Jackie Beat Joey Arias Linda Simpson Best Hairstylist: Bobby Miller Candis Cayne Creiton Mike Potter Perfidia Best Make Up Artist: Alli K. Bobby Miller Jackie Beat Kabuki Starshine Polly Grip Best Drag King: Mo B. Dick Dred Murray Hill Best Alternative Artist: Anthony Lamont BOB Cunta Kinte Kevin Aviance Krylon Superstar Living Legend Recipient: Mona Foot cashcookwin_1999 cashsweetie_1999